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Experience & Best Practices

Sierra provides a full suite of revenue cycle services from early out self pay to billing and A/R follow-up teams to strategically target the insurance segment of your population. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the skill set to get the job done. With a focus on patient satisfaction, we deliver immediately results by increasing third party and governmental recoveries, identifying underpayments, and overturning denials.

Focusing on EVERY patient. Patient outreach and customer service or core pieces of our operation. We consider every account collectible and work to achieve revenue results. In the cases where we cannot achieve these results, we assess the history of the account and determine if it should be referred to our Root Cause Analysis team for review. These teams uncover glitches in the revenue cycle that occur repeatedly. By identifying these missed opportunities and educating your team, we reduce the amount of accounts that require extensive intervention to obtain payment.

The Sierra Advantage:

Client Relationships

Sierra leverages multiple IT platforms to achieve success. Our highly experienced staff can work on any client system billing platform or clearinghouse. We also use our proprietary system for work queues, document imaging, for obtaining valid patient data, high tech scanning equipment, and predictive dialing. We have the tools and skills to extract data from the client system via ftp as well as export daily notes files back to client system.

IT Intelligence

Analyzing 835 data is crucial to the work we do for our revenue cycle clients. Our proprietary system allows us to convert your 835’s to usable format for both cash posting and analytical purposes. That means we have immediate access to EOB data, check detail, global payer and provider analytics. This provides a customizable analysis of payments and denials in order to identify and recover lost revenue.