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Sample Reports

Hospital Services

A/R Management

Sierra will customize a program to specifically manage your Accounts Receivables by using our own proprietary system or by working from your Patient Accounting system. Our staff has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges business offices face. They keep abreast of all issues and policy changes that affect the healthcare reimbursement world. That is why we can offer our clients an extensive and flexible project plan that can be customized to meet your needs and to work with your team to increase revenue immediately and in the long term.

Denials Management Projects

Sierra will prepare appeal packages for inpatient and outpatient retrospective appeals on denials issued by payers. We use only the most highly experienced people, skilled clinicians and our own proprietary system in order to submit the appeal. We maximize all data at hand including 835 transaction detail, medical records, and EOBs to achieve success. We also work with our clients to produce a denial assessment, which will identify root causes, maximize recoveries, and reduce future denials.

Early Out Self Pay Services

Most healthcare organizations are unable to give full attention their self pay receivables due to limited staff and technological resources. We provide a patient friendly team that serves as an extension of your business office. Our patient account representatives work each accounts in the name of the facility through a series of letters and phones calls for 90 to 120 day. Each call is handled by one of our highly experienced and bilingual patient representatives that work with the patient to either obtain payment or payment arrangements for the account. We also work to uncover insurances that may cover the services as well as remediate any issues with existing insurances. At the point that we believe we have exhausted all efforts, we would recommend transfer of the account to bad debt. We deliver comprehensive status reports on your accounts on a monthly basis which identified insurance discoveries, write-offs to Charity Care, and uncollectible accounts.

This central customer service center utilizes a predictive dialer for outbound calls. Our strategic teams work in a client-focused environment. This means that each program is customized to your needs, your policies, and most of all, your patients.

Our technology is cutting edge and targeted towards revenue cycle. Because we utilize a proprietary system, we can effectively work all patient accounts, status them accordingly, electronically verify eligibility through the State’s intermediary, and provide detailed reporting that can provide you with a detailed analysis – both status and recovery -- of our active, completed, and closed accounts. We scan all documentation and maintain this data electronically in our system. By packeting these accounts, we can ensure that we have the most recent data available on each patient and are able to address all previous dates of service.

Medicaid and Patient Advocacy

For certain healthcare organization, providing on-site financial counselors to assist patients with obtaining Medicaid, or other governmental programs such as Charity Care and the Affordable Care Act is not only a cost-saver but frees up their patient access staff to focus on other priorities. These individuals would be placed at registration and other entry points of the hospital to meet with self pay patients to explore other options for payments. This on-site presence increases patient satisfaction, meets your compliance requirements, and ultimately increases revenue.

Consulting Engagements

We conduct short-term consulting engagements to assist providers with identifying process flows and gaps in their revenue cycle. We do so by utilizing all available data to assess the entire cycle from patient access and coding to billing, follow-up and cash posting process. The results provide you and your team with the tools to improve process flows and educate providers about changes that will increase efficiencies that will ultimately result in increased revenue recoveries.